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  • Scott Vickers-Willis

    Scott Vickers-Willis
    Managing Director

    Scott has been a Director at Techne Group since 2009. As Managing Director Scott is responsible for the strategic direction of the group and managing the development process and leaders of each health business. Our development focus is based on delivering projects that exceed our tenants and investors expectations. Our health focus is about loyal relationships with practitioners and the broader community as we have over 50,000 patients and 230 team members.

  • James Veitch

    James Veitch
    General Manager – Commercial

    James has joined the Techne Group following years of experience in the Property Industry across commercial and residential development.  James focus is on enhancing commercial and development relationships. James also assists with commercial support to the health businesses leaders in the group.

  • Kerryn Bruce

    Kerryn Bruce
    General Manager - Operations

    Kerryn returns to the Development Team after many years as Senior Bookkeeper/Office Manager in a variety of Industries.

    Kerryn is responsible for the management and administration of all properties and is a core member of Our Team.

  • Rod Carmody General Manager - Finance

    Rod Carmody
    General Manager - Finance

    Rod is a senior finance executive with many years’ experience within a number of diverse industries. That experience includes within the Sport, Registered Clubs and hospitality industries, as well as number of years with the Myer Family Office looking after high net worth family groups. His last 6 years have been as CFO for a medium sized Residential Custom Home builder.

  • Michael Vickers-Willis

    Michael Vickers-Willis
    Non-Executive Director

    Michael has 50 years of commercial experience and over 30 years as a project developer. As a former lawyer and senior executive in mining and minerals processing, Michael was the original figure in developing the Techne Group of companies.

  • Helen Hodge

    Helen Hodge
    Facilities Manager

    Helen is a contracted facilities manager with over 30 years of experience in managing facilities for government, healthcare and commercial properties. Helen is a key member of the team and supports many of the groups property interests.

Techne customarily engages a comprehensive multi-disciplinary team of consultants. The members of the team have worked together in various combinations, on a variety of projects, over many years.

The current members of the multi-disciplinary team include the following organisations:

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